Day / night switch replacement


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Your day / night switch does not work? 

The day / night switch  or peak hour / off-peak allows you to optimize your energy consumption by operating your hot water tank at times predefined by your electricity supplier (off -peak hours ). It is dedicated only to the electric water heater with hot water storage, and does not work for instant boilers. Its malfunction leads to an increase in your electricity bill and must be replaced. 


Intervening on your  electrical panel and your electrical installation requires specific skills. A wrong connection of the son of your contactor peak / peak hours can impact on the overall functioning of your installation. In addition, your electrician can help you correctly set up your day / night contactor .

The switch is used to produce hot water during off – peak hours. It stops production in peak hours.  If, however, you need your water heater or cumulus to produce hot water punctually during a period of peak hours, you have the option of setting it to  » forced  » (ON position or 1 on the contactor ). 


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