Installation of differential switch 30mA


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Do you want to install a differential switch  ?

The differential switch  is an essential element of  safety . It protects against the  risk of electrification  by detecting  current leakage  due to  insulation faults , during accidental contact of a person with a live  wire . 

The differential switch is installed between the main circuit breaker and the branch circuit breakers . The differential switch  type A  detects, in addition to faults on standard circuits (switch  type AC ), faults on specialized circuits such as washing machines and hobs.

Unlike differential circuit breaker, the differential switch  alone does not detect short circuits or overloads. It is therefore associated with the division circuit breakers so that your electrical equipment is also protected. 


If your home is not yet equipped with a differential switch , it is the priority to protect you and your loved ones from the risk of electric shock. Call our qualified electricians for advice. They will also be able to intervene for the whole of your electric panel . 


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