Installation or replacement of RJ45 internet socket


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Need to install or replace your RJ45 internet plug?

The RJ45 sockets are gradually replacing our old  RJ11 phone sockets (inverted T) and also allow the passage of both the phone , television but also the Internet connection .
Connected to a central communication box , these jacks will bring to each piece the necessary signal (television in the living room, internet in the office, …). The RJ45 socket  operates a wired network that ensures excellent operation of very high speed. To you the video games in very high quality!
Also note that since January 1, 2008, the NF C15-100 standard makes the installation of  RJ45 plugs mandatory  in new buildings, complete renovations and extensions. 


If the problem persists after checking the status and functioning of your internet box and all connections, it is necessary to change the outlet . Be careful though, these sockets  are intended to transmit data and therefore to receive a low current (unlike  standard electrical outlets ).
Call our qualified electricians to replace your RJ45 plug safely. 


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