Phone plug replacement


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Your phone jack does not work anymore?

Sometimes due to a wiring problem, or due to severe weather conditions close to your network, your F-010 type telephone socket (T-plug) may have malfunctions.

Important: since 2008, in new buildings or in the event of renovation or extension, the T-jacks are replaced by RJ45 sockets (Ethernet socket). The RJ45 sockets are more powerful effect adapted to the new networks.


It is best to use a qualified electrician to replace your telephone jack . It will be able to control the wiring of your socket and proceed to its replacement. You will find in a short time access to your phone and your internet connection.

Be aware however that in view of the new standards, your electrician can offer you to replace your telephone jack with an RJ45 jack , while allowing you to connect your phone and your internet box to this new socket . 


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