Replacement of electric radiator


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Your old electric heater is not good enough anymore?

You notice that your electric heating no longer brings you the expected thermal comfort ? The origin of this inconvenience often comes from old and obsolete material. The electric heaters have a limited life span and it is common to have to replace them with coil newer and more efficient. Sometimes, adding an electric convector can also solve your problems by distributing better the heating points of your home.


Replacing your old appliance with a  new electric heater will allow you to enjoy a better interior comfort. Your investment will be quickly cushioned by the energy savings you will make through more efficient heating . A convector of 1500W can cover the heating needs of an area of ​​between 15 m² and 25 m².

Using the services of an electrician brings you a number of guarantees: quality of installation and connection, parameter setting, control of operation, compliance with safety rules.


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