Replacement of electric switch


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Do you need to replace your electrical switch?

With use and time, your  switch may show signs of failure. Component wear can lead to malfunctions or even failure, which can be quickly solved by installing a new electrical switch .

Beyond a breakdown, you may want to change your switch because it is loose or broken, or simply because it no longer fits your interior decor. 


To avoid the inconvenience caused by your faulty or obsolete switch , call upon the services of our  qualified electricians . After disassembly and reassembly of your switch , your electrician will ensure your safety by controlling its proper operation.

Your electrical installation is more than 15 years old? The electrical equipment such as switchboards , the sockets or switches, which are old or have an abnormality, even banal, can be dangerous. To be safe at home, consider using a  certified diagnostician to have your facility inspected . 


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