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When buying an apartment or an old house, the electrical network sometimes needs to be brought up to standard . The electrical diagnosis may have anomalies. An outdated installation  and an old electrical panel  can lead to serious household accidents and damage your appliances. A lack of conformity  will jeopardize your compensation in case of damage. 

Depending on the surface of the housing, your  electrical panel will  have one or more rows. Each row includes a differential switch and at least 6 circuit breakers. A   two-row electrical panel is for example suitable for a dwelling of approximately 35m². The price of the electric panel will depend on the number of rows to predict.

Once the installation of the electrical panel is complete, your  electrician will  perform a  self – check  of the electrical installation  to ensure  compliance .


The installation of a  standard electrical panel  is an essential step for the  safety  of the occupants of a dwelling. Here are some clues as to whether your electrical installation is up to standard: if no intervention has been carried out since 1991 on your electrical network , that is considered obsolete and you will have to  put in conformity . Also, the presence of a differential switch is mandatory: it is at the beginning of each row. It is wider than a circuit breaker and generally features the 30mA marking. 

If in doubt about the conformity of your electrical installation , call our qualified electricians and checked. 



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